Safe Tub Faucet & Safe Tub Faucet with Diverter

Using an Overhanging Spout

The traditional tub spout is a safety hazard, increasing the risks for injuries due to the extension over the tub.

Using Safe Tub Faucet

With the Safe Tub Faucet low profile design injuries during a fall are minimized.  It is also beneficial with agile children.  The risk to injury is significantly less compared to having a traditional overhanging spout.

How Safe Tub Faucet Can Reduce Bathtub Injuries

Did you know that a recent report put out by the CDC estimated 234,094 bathroom injuries per year?  The injuries associated with getting into and out of the bathtub occurred among persons of all ages?

With the Safe Tub Faucet, most of these bath tub injuries can be prevented.


The Safe Tub Faucet takes bath safety to a whole new level because it totally eliminates the traditional bathtub spout hanging over the bathtub. There are very high chances children can collide with the extended spout. With the Safe Tub Faucet's flat profile design, it can substantially reduces the injuries sustained when falls or collisions occur.


The Safe Tub Faucet doubles as a inflow and overflow bathtub plumbing device that facilitates the inflow and overflow of water using a single piece of hardware which reduces your cost of installation since there is no longer a need for a separate overflow and overhanging spout.


Your family's safety comes first – so think of the Safe Tub Faucet – created specifically with your safety in mind.