Introducing The Safe Tub Faucet

The Worlds Safest Tub Faucet

Discover How This Safe Tub Faucet Is Redefining Bath Safety And Style At A Very Affordable Price.

The Safe Tub Faucet's low profile design make it the safest tub spout on the market.  To make things even better, it is not only a faucet but also an overflow drain.  So instead of having to purchase and install 2 separate pieces of hardware, the Safe Tub Faucet takes care of both.  Not only does this lower the material cost but also the time it takes to install.

Why Is Bath Safety Such A Big Deal Anyways?

According to a report recently put out by the CDC, over 200,000 people in 2008 were non fatally injured related to bathroom slips and falls.
With the Safe Tub Faucet's elimination of the traditional over hanging tub spout, we  expect to dramatically reduce that number.
According to the report the injuries were spread out over people above the age of 15.  It is likely that numerous trauma related cases against traditional fixtures for children below 15 went unreported. The report is based on the number of people that actually went to the hospital.

OK... I'm Sure You See The Need For The Safe Tub Faucet And How It Can Prevent A Lot Of Injuries. But How Does This Help Your Bottom Line?

First Allow Me Educate You On What A Tub Faucet Actually Costs.  


There are two different costs we would like to address here.  The first is the actual cost of the product.


When we go to the store to buy a new faucet we see the upfront cost which is typically somewhere between $100 - $200+ .  When you buy a new faucet you will also need to buy the matching overflow spout if needed.  This extra cost is typically in the range of $15 - $50+.


Now for the second and potentially more expensive cost.


The Installation...


You will have to call a plumber to come out and install in the new spout and overflow.  And assuming you bought a new tub they will have to cut out the holes for the faucet.   All this work adds up to a pretty penny.

Safe Tub Faucet Installation

With the Safe Tub Faucet you will only have to buy one fixture and the plumber wont have to cut a new hole since it uses the existing overflow hole on the tub.  Also installation is a breeze as there is only one fixture instead of Two. There is one hole on the back of the unit for the water fill pipe and one fitting on the bottom for the drain pipe.

We Have Had Nothing But Positive Feedback On The Safe Tub Faucet